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Casting process control program

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In order to make the quality of the whole production process of the product casting, the environment, and the health and safety of the operation are under control. 2. Applicable scale

The whole process of the production of the company's castings produced in the foundry. 3. Duties

3.1 The workshop director shall be responsible for the production and handling of each process, and shall arrange and implement the various handling procedures for quality handling, environmental management, and operation health and safety, and shall be responsible for the quality, environment and operation health of the castings. 3.2 The workshop plan dispatcher arranges the production activities according to the production instructions issued by the company's production skills department. 3.3 The workshop skill group is responsible for the preparation of the technical documents and the correctness, integrity and applicability of the technical documents.

3.4 The workshop safety officer shall be the daily operation for the environmental handling and operation health and safety management of the workshop. 3.5 Each team leader shall be responsible for the quality of the team, the production operation plan and progress, environmental management, and the completion of the operation and health safety. 4. Operating procedures 4.1 Process preparation

4.1.1 The workshop plan dispatcher prepares the production plan of each team according to the project plan issued by the production skill department, and delivers it to each team in time, completes the dispatching order realization rate, and prepares various tooling tools and original materials. 4.1.2 All kinds of tooling materials and original materials required for the production of the workshop shall be placed in designated areas with distinctive marks, and shall be handled uniformly by the workshop.

4.1.3 The workshop skill group shall be handled by special personnel for the processing of drawings and skill materials, classification, identification, location and registration, establishment of documents and documents and handling rules.

4.1.4 Skills personnel of the skill group prepare the skill materials and drawings according to the workshop production plan of the current month, and ensure this

Part) Supply the corresponding drawings and materials.

Some of the information is correct, clear, intact, and useful.

4.1.5 The materials, accessories and process equipment should be checked before the relevant personnel to check whether they meet the requirements of the rules. The inspection function should be recorded and clearly marked.

4.1.6 The workshop equipment staff should do the daily processing and inspection of the equipment, and its role should be recorded. 4.1.7 Operators should pass training before they are employed. After training, they will be certified to work. Special procedures (melting, pouring, modeling, welding, heat treatment, motor vehicle drivers) are necessary to pass special training and record the record. 4.2 Process Control 4.2.1 Control of Drawing Data The workshop skill group is responsible for sending, receiving, archiving, processing and changing drawings and skill files. After the workshop skill group signs the drawings and materials, it shall be stamped with the special mark of the workshop, fill in the “Registration and Registration”, and be placed in categories. After receiving the rework diagram, the workshop skill group will change according to the requirements, ensure the usefulness of the parts drawing, the process drawing and the tooling drawing, make the change identification and tell the relevant skill personnel. The workshop skill group shall be responsible for the correctness and integrity of the drawings and materials of the workshop, and ensure that the drawings and materials used in the production process are useful versions. In the process of this section, the process improvement of the shaped products, the planning of the tooling and the process of adding new parts, the planning of the tooling, and the implementation of the review and consent procedures. The drawings and materials of the workshop shall not be borrowed. The borrowing of the external personnel shall be approved by the competent director and the “borrowing registration” shall be completed and repaid on the same day. If the special situation cannot be repaid on the day, the workshop director shall sign and agree to repay the period. 4.2.2 Process Planning Control The workshop skill group is responsible for the preparation of the casting casting process, and it is used for correctness and applicability. After the competent technicians are corrected, reviewed and standardized, the competent director signs and agrees and correctly performs the exercise process. According to the production requirements, the drawings and materials must be related to the relevant parts (model branch, production skills department and this The process planning shall be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant rules and regulations of the company. 4.2.3 Original data manipulation All the original materials used in the workshop need to meet the requirements of “Original Data for Foundry Metals”, “Assisted Original Materials for Foundry” and “Original Data for Modeling”. Non-conforming products cannot be used and timely to relevant parts. Feedback. The transport personnel shall collect all kinds of original materials according to the picking list and the ingredient list and send them to each shift group or designated location for registration. For each batch of original materials, the quality management department shall sample and send the central laboratory and physical and chemical laboratory test analysis according to the company rules, and report the quality information of the original and auxiliary materials to the quality control department and production skill department by means of text report. molding factory. The workshop is not to be led, and there is no need for non-qualified products. 4.2.4 Sand control process control Before each shift is produced, it is necessary to check whether the sand-matching equipment is normal. According to the arrangement of the sunrise production schedule, match the modeling sand for the day or the next day. In the process of sand production, the operator must strictly abide by the “Code of Preparation for Sand Preparation” and must not arbitrarily change the formula. The special sand required for production can be produced after the technician has issued a special formula. Type sand tester samples every day, wet sand test, resin sand, reclaimed sand pumping, sand type test according to sand type, fill in the "type sand inspection report", under normal conditions, wet sand test wet, Wet pressure, moisture, wet sand detection wet pressure, resin sand detection tensile, reclaimed sand detection micro powder, sand temperature, burning loss. The skill group serves as the reason for the problem of the profiled sand in the modeling process or after casting. After the discussion with the modeling supervisor, the improved sand matching process and formula are proposed and recorded in the “Sand Testing Report”. Signed in the “Experimental Record” column.

4.2.5 modeling process control Before the production, the casting skill of the castings shall be prepared by the casting technicians according to the production plan to ensure the correctness and applicability. Before the production, check whether the model is intact, meet the application requirements, and verify the key parts of the model. The production team leader and the preparatory team contact the sandbox, cold iron, core iron and other necessary items. Before the production, check whether the shape and core equipment are normal and do daily maintenance. Strictly abide by the molding process code during the production process. Strictly fulfill the criteria for casting the first piece of castings, and the first piece can be put into production to prevent the formation of batch waste. If the production process is too short in the casting process, there is no special situation for the first trial production. If the workshop thinks that the casting process is reliable, it can be put into production directly. If the workshop considers that the casting process needs to be assessed, the workshop may recruit relevant parts to make a resolution. Fill in the pouring sign on the casting. The casting number must have the part number, raw material number, date of production and class number. The inspection process is carried out by the inspection personnel of the special modeling process, and the “Core Inspection Record” is filled out. 4.2.6 Control of melting and pouring processes Each smelting and pouring team shall smelt the castings of the corresponding trademarks according to the production instructions of the dispatchers of the workshop, and carefully perform the “Smelting Process Regulations”. Before the operator opens the furnace, carefully check the furnace loading equipment, electric furnace equipment and electrical parts, water pumps, etc., and do the preparatory work before the furnace is opened. If the problem is found, the repair center should be promptly repaired and the disease should not be operated. According to the raw materials and pouring tonnage of the day, the charge controller shall calculate the required quantity of each charge according to the specifications of the company's raw materials, and the transporter will transport the charge to the furnace and hang the charge label of the charge. In the smelting process, the squad leader or smelter fills in the “smelting record”. The castings are taken from each furnace to analyze the chemical composition test pieces. After the chemical components are qualified, they can be baked and cast, and the squad leader acknowledges. Electric furnace

After the renewal, according to the new furnace number, fill in the relevant records and sample from the beginning. The chemical composition is based on the acceptance of the casting. The pre-furnace control personnel shall sample and test the test block and test bar per package, and guide the operation of the furnace to control the quality of the aluminum water. The sample is poured every day, and the mechanical function test and chemical composition analysis are carried out; the casting inspection personnel accept the casting according to the <<Mechanical Function Test Report>> the chemical composition is the basis for the smelting supply. Before pouring, the pouring work should measure the temperature according to the process requirements. After the temperature is suitable, the pouring can be started. When the temperature is lower than the lower limit, the pouring is stopped. After the pouring is completed, the furnace leader or exerciser fills in the “Smelting and Pouring Recording Form”, which is recognized by the furnace manager, and the product name, data, pouring time and other signs are made for the pressure box casting after pouring. About the workshop points Casting smelting technicians and squad leaders will negotiate with the craft technicians to determine the smelting and pouring process. Such as: pouring speed, pouring temperature and determined in the casting process documents, smelting technicians and squad leaders should supervise and view the quality of smelting and pouring, carefully analyze the quality problems presented, propose solutions, and make corresponding quality records. Arrange the production according to the production schedule of the dispatcher of the workshop plan, and fulfill the specifications and technical rules for the smelting operation. In accordance with the company's raw material specifications, ingredients, smelting, the squad leader must ensure that each batch of the chemical composition is qualified. After the operation process or operation is completed, the squad leader or smelter personnel carefully fill in the smelting records, the pouring records, and record the summary workshop retention. 4.2.7 Control of boxing and falling sand According to the “Casting Finishing Process Regulations” 3.1~3.7, the rules for casting boxing and falling sand shall be carried out. Check the falling sand equipment daily, whether the conveying equipment is normal, and do daily maintenance. When the casting presses the box, the box is dropped, and it is generally not allowed to open the box early, and the dispatching instructions are strictly implemented according to the process. The castings after the sand falling in the box are separated according to the raw materials, and the turbidity is forbidden.

4.2.8 Control of casting finishing process Strictly perform the “Technical Regulations for Casting Finishing”, check the sand cleaning equipment daily, and do daily maintenance. The finished castings shall be sent to the next process or painted according to the requirements after being checked by the inspector. 4.2.9 Control of transfer and warehousing operations The preparatory group shall be responsible for the delivery of the various original materials required for production. After the iron castings are finished, the paints are painted into the blanks according to the requirements; after the steel blanks are finished, they are transferred to the machining workshop for heat treatment. After the treatment is passed, they are transferred back to the workshop for shot blasting into the blank stock; in the process of transfer and storage, they should be carefully cleared. The number of points, and fill in the transfer ticket or the inbound ticket; the bumping and scratching is prohibited during the transfer and delivery process. 4.2.10 Device Control The workshop director shall be responsible for the revision and improvement of the application procedures for the workshop equipment and ensure its correctness and applicability. Equipment personnel and equipment operators perform daily inspections and inspections, carefully fill in the inspection and repair records, and do the equipment warranty and maintenance operations as required. 4.2.11 Control of waste liquid, exhaust gas, noise, solid waste The workshop safety officer shall control and properly dispose of the waste liquid, exhaust gas, noise and solid waste that occurred during the production process of the workshop according to the “Waste Liquid, Exhaust Gas, Noise, and Solid Disposal Control Procedures”. 4.2.12 Control of waste liquid, exhaust gas, noise, solid waste The workshop director controls the health, safety and environment of the work in the workshop production process according to the “Operational Safety/Environmental Operation Control Procedure”. 5. File file control program Record control program Non-conforming product control program Casting process operation program

Casting specification

Operational Health and Safety/Environmental Operation Control Procedures Waste, Exhaust, Noise, Solid Disposal Control Procedures 6. Record Collection Registration

Change the map to tell the receipt and change record. Borrowing registration type sand inspection report list Open furnace record Smelting record Pouring record table