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Technical problems in the design of copper castings

Author:Wanhe    Time:2020-09-28     Clicks:14913

   copper casting design

   1. The design of copper castings involves four aspects:

  A, that is, the requirements of copper casting for the shape and structure of parts;

  B. Process performance of copper castings;

  C, dimensional accuracy and surface requirements of copper castings;

d. Determination of the parting surface of copper castings; the part design of copper castings is an important part of copper casting production technology. The following issues must be considered when designing: the selection of mold parting surfaces, the opening of gates, the selection of ejector positions, The shrinkage of the casting, the dimensional accuracy of the casting, the prevention of the internal defects of the casting, the relevant requirements of the casting hole, the relevant requirements of the shrinkage deformation, and the size of the machining allowance.

Technical problems in the design of copper castings(图1)

   2. The design principles of copper castings are:

  A. Choose the material of copper casting correctly,

  B. Reasonably determine the dimensional accuracy of copper castings;

  C, try to make the wall thickness evenly distributed;

  D. Add craft corners at each corner to avoid sharp corners.