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The reasons that affect the quality of copper castings and the details of storage attention

Author:Wanhe    Time:2020-09-28     Clicks:15212

  Copper casting is a very popular and popular craft. Because of the metallic copper, zinc, aluminum and aluminum alloys nowadays, people like the items to be somewhat metallic, while copper castings have the characteristics of metal and the process is relatively simple. Copper castings have good fluidity and plasticity, and the casting process is It is cast in a pressure die casting machine, so copper castings can be made into various more complex shapes, and can also be made with higher precision and smoothness, which greatly reduces the amount of machining and metal copper, zinc, aluminum or The casting allowance of aluminum alloy not only saves electricity and metal materials, but also greatly saves labor costs. Copper, zinc, aluminum and aluminum alloys have excellent thermal conductivity, small specific gravity and high workability; thus copper castings It is widely used in various industries such as automobile manufacturing, internal combustion engine production, motorcycle manufacturing, electric motor manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, precision instruments, landscaping, electric power construction, and architectural decoration.

   1. When designing copper castings, pay special attention to the use requirements to make the structure of copper castings as simple as possible. Otherwise, defects such as pits, pores, and cracks on the copper casting are prone to appear. Otherwise, it will cause no troubles to mold design, processing formulation and management. A large number of substandard products will be produced.

  2. The mold structure, processing accuracy and the selection of mold materials are also particular: aluminum alloy die-casting is die-casted by the mold, and the material selection of the mold is also closely related to the quality of the product. The mold structure is not good enough, and it is difficult to make the product meet the standard even if measures are taken in the process.

  3. Shrinkage rate of casting material: When the shrinkage rate of casting material is generally given in the form of an average percentage or a percentage with a varying range, special attention should be paid when designing molds for high-precision copper castings. First, make a test mold. After obtaining the data on the test mold, design and manufacture the mold for mass production.

  4. The formulation of the die-casting process is determined by the technical level of the operator, the quality of the mold and the die-casting equipment. At present, it is difficult to achieve stable, reliable and stable control of die-casting process parameters in our country with die-casting equipment.

The reasons that affect the quality of copper castings and the details of storage attention(图1)

  Undercast: Incomplete filling parts appear during the forming process


   1. The casting conditions are inappropriate (mold temperature, pouring temperature, etc.);

  2. The parameters of copper castings are inappropriate (die-casting speed, pressure, etc.). The shape of copper castings is inappropriate (wall thickness, shape, etc.);

  3. The mold design is unreasonable (sprue in the parting line, runner, overflow slag bag, position and size of exhaust duct, etc.).

  Adjustment method:

   1. Change the casting conditions: increase the mold temperature and pouring temperature;

  2. Improve the process parameters of the die-casting machine: injection speed, injection pressure, switching position of slow injection and fast injection, barrel size, etc.;

  3. Analyze and improve the mold design, the location and size of the runner, and provide sufficient exhaust ducts and slag overflow packages;

  4. Change the process structure of the casting to obtain the appropriate wall thickness and shape.

   Several major issues that need to be paid attention to when storing copper castings:

   1. If the raw material alloy ingots of cast zinc alloy products are damp, they should be dried before being added to avoid "fire shots" injuring people or damaging equipment during melting.

  2. When storing zinc alloy copper castings, they need to be placed in a ventilated, dry, and non-corrosive inventory environment; protect them from rain.

  3. The zinc alloy copper castings must not be in contact with other chemical elements. When the copper casting product comes into contact with other chemical elements, the chemical elements will chemically react with the zinc alloy copper casting, causing damage to the copper casting product;

  4. Zinc is a kind of active metal. When the temperature reaches the condition, it is easy to be oxidized when contacted. Therefore, when we store zinc alloy copper castings, we must pay attention to the temperature and avoid direct sunlight;

5. Each copper casting has its shape. When placing zinc alloy copper castings, a special suction tray should be customized according to the shape of each copper casting product, so as to ensure that the zinc alloy copper castings are placed in a specific position. This ensures that the zinc alloy copper castings are intact and will not undergo any other changes.